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The pandemic has fast-tracked the growing adoption of tech-enabled features that give guests more control over their stay. Speedy offers hosts a platform to support world-class guest experiences by transforming the way short-term rentals and hotels maintain internet connectivity.

Tech-enabled travel

Technology is constantly reimagining the relationship between hosts and their guests. Key lessons learned in adversity during the pandemic are now translating into must-have tech solutions that simplify and streamline every step of the guest journey. 

Travelers now have more freedom and more control over their experiences than ever before. Unsurprisingly, it’s also making them happier. Here’s why –

  • Contactless check-in options. Digital ID verification, mobile check-in, contactless payments, and keyless entry remove friction during the arrival process. No more hassles and waiting after a long day of traveling or returning faulty key cards. 
  • Digital concierge services. From pre-arrival to post-departure, 24/7 chatbots behave like a personal assistant for guests. They redirect requests without delay, make personalized recommendations, and gather customer feedback to ensure guests are never left unattended or wanting for anything. 
  • Smart TVs. Smart TVs support streaming services so guests can log in to Netflix or Amazon Prime or seamlessly stream or game from their personal devices to pick up where they left off at home.
  • Smart HVAC. Smart thermostats and air conditioning systems enable guests to control the temperature before they arrive. Hosts can also analyze demand loads, save energy, and practice predictive maintenance to cut waste.
  • On-demand fitness. Next-generation products like MIRROR or Peleton offer guests best-in-class gym experiences and fitness tracking options in the comfort of their rooms. 

The importance of connectivity

Digital engagement with guests is no longer a nice-to-have, it’s essential to remain competitive. Hosts must consider what tech features they want to implement and create a roadmap that starts with rock-solid connectivity. 

Without absolute connectivity, tech-enabled features float in space, untethered and counterproductive. Chatbots cannot process requests, smart locks don’t work, and security cameras go offline. Ultimately, operations are constantly interrupted, which leaves guests feeling short-changed. 

Speedy’s world-first Wi-Fi verification platform ensures business continuity for hosts and seamless experiences for their guests. It creates more opportunities to offer the popular features that guests demand while enhancing operational efficiency behind the scenes. 

“Connectivity is the foundation of our tech-enabled stays at Mint House, so having Speedy’s real-time Wi-Fi performance data is key to ensuring a premium experience for our guests.” – Kent Hatcher, Mint House Director of Product.

laptop computer showing wifi speed verification on mint house website listingHow Speedy optimizes connectivity

Speedy’s pocket-sized device is plugged in on location to continuously capture Wi-Fi performance. The data collected feeds into an AI-powered dashboard where property managers can accurately track real-time speed and network reliability, including frequency and duration of all outages. Speedy also detects, diagnoses, and issues real-time alerts every time a connection drops, ensuring property managers get ahead of issues before they affect guests’ experiences.

Speedy enables short-term hosts and hotels to invest and flex connectivity as a key selling point. It’s the foundation from which hosts can elevate the guest experience to improve occupancy, guest satisfaction, and business success.

Speedy is the tech partner every host needs to enter the next generation of hospitality and support the tech-enabled features that guests increasingly crave. 

Get up to Speedy

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