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Digital adoption has doubled over the past decade. We have more devices and larger appetites for bandwidth than ever before. But are hotels and short-term rentals keeping up with their guests’ connectivity demands? Speedy has what every property manager needs to keep guests seamlessly connected.

The importance of connectivity

Changes in how we work and live have dramatically increased our connectivity needs over the past few years. Video conferencing tools, project management software, and digital customer experiences made it possible for companies to move their workforces online at unprecedented speeds. And after hours, our connectivity needs are buoyed by a suite of streaming services, social media platforms, and online shopping. While the context may change, the need to remain seamlessly connected to the internet doesn’t.  

Never in the history of technology has connectivity been more important than it is today. It remains the case whether we are at home, at the office, or on the road. However, when we travel, we’re at the mercy of our host’s network infrastructure to stay connected. While good internet has always been a determining factor for hotel selection, it has been significantly amplified over the past few years.

The bandwidth boom

More connected guests demand greater bandwidth, putting added strain on existing Wi-Fi networks. Bandwidth consumption increases have been dramatic, typically growing by about 50% per year. This is hardly surprising given that US consumers use an average of four devices and subscribe to four streaming services with growing catalogs of 4K video content

Hosts need to stay ahead of bandwidth-hungry guests. To do that, it’s imperative to treat Wi-Fi like a utility. Similar to running water and electricity disruptions, an unreliable internet connection leads to negative reviews, reputational damage, and, ultimately, lost revenue. Hosts need to offer sufficient Wi-Fi bandwidth to ensure their guests are able to maintain their video-dominant lifestyles, or they will seek accommodation elsewhere.

“For post-pandemic travelers, a reliable internet connection is a utility, not an amenity. It should be fast and stable.” – Christopher Elliott, USA Today travel columnist.

The guest experience

Soaring demand for connectivity is driving an influx of bandwidth upgrade projects in the hospitality industry, yet guests remain in the dark about proven onsite internet performance. Currently, the only way of understanding the Wi-Fi speed at your next destination is by asking the host, digging through reams of guest reviews for any mention of Wi-Fi, or – if it is available – looking at a speed test screenshot. 

The problem is that none of the above reflects the actual situation. Hosts are at the mercy of their ISPs – rarely receiving the speeds they pay for and often experiencing network outages. Guest numbers, connected devices, and bandwidth usage vary, so guests have vastly different experiences. What’s more, existing internet speed results only measure speed at a single point in time, which says nothing about reliability.

A partner in connectivity

For the first time ever, Speedy enables property managers to continuously track both Wi-Fi speed and reliability. A pocket-sized device is plugged in on location to accurately monitor the actual internet performance and flag outages. Additionally, Speedy’s handy Wi-Fi rating can be embedded on any property listing site – providing guests with a real-time score that shows exactly what they can expect. 

It all comes together on an interactive dashboard where property managers can view all of their properties’ Wi-Fi performance data over time. Poor or wobbly internet connections have nowhere to hide. Partnering with Speedy proves to existing and prospective guests that their connectivity requirements are a top priority. It enables hosts to mobilize 5-star Wi-Fi experiences, from browsing listings all the way through check-out.

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