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Free parking, Egyptian cotton, snack baskets – there are a hundred ways to ensure your guests have everything they need and more. But for those that choose to travel and work remotely, there is one amenity that is not negotiable – a strong and reliable Wi-Fi connection. Digital nomads are 100% dependent on internet connectivity to earn money and support their lifestyle. They will travel as far as the internet will take them, and it’s the biggest motivator to book longer stays.

Remote work: A changing travel landscape

When the pandemic forced people out of the office indefinitely, millions took the opportunity to escape home and work remotely from bucket-list destinations instead. Since the pandemic began, AirBnB has reported a surge in longer term bookings – almost a quarter of total bookings were 28+ days – bolstering an already growing cohort of remote workers

Short-term rentals that offered liberated office workers the comforts of home and the connectivity of an office found themselves on the winning side of a battling tourism industry. Today, the rising trend is spearheading an explosive demand for short-term rentals with reliable, high-speed internet. Yet, in today’s data-rich world, Wi-Fi performance and connectivity remain vastly underreported. Existing tests only measure the internet speed at a single (historical) point in time, but one data point fails to determine whether the Wi-Fi is reliable or likely to experience outages. It’s like looking at a screenshot of a movie and trying to understand the plot.

mobile phone screen with short-term rental listing and speedy wi-fi score

Good Wi-Fi is good business

High-speed and reliable Wi-Fi is vital to not only book longer stays but also earn return customers. A recent study by Digital Information World showed 84% of people are more likely to book a short-term rental if the listing includes internet speed results. For digital nomads, Wi-Fi is the number one priority. They require enterprise-grade network performance, which means prospective hosts need to rethink the design, management, and promotion of their Wi-Fi networks. And internet outages have the potential to ruin what could have been a five-star stay – all because the Wi-Fi was “atrocious” or “worthless for a business traveler”.

Let Speedy power your marketing efforts

Speedy is purposely built to help short-term rental properties attract and retain their share of the lucrative US$1 trillion digital nomad spend. Currently, there are over 510 million remote workers globally driving the fast-escalating demand for high-speed Wi-Fi on the road. Speedy enables property managers to publish 100% verified Wi-Fi reliability and speed ratings for each of their properties. Derived from 1.2 million data points captured over 14 days, Speedy’s ratings give travelers all the data they need to determine which properties can support their work needs at checkout. Speedy streamlines the bookings process for both hosts and guests by eliminating endless queries about internet performance.

Manage your Wi-Fi to ensure excellent guest experiences

For the first time ever, Speedy is giving property management companies the tools to monitor their entire portfolio’s internet performance through a centralized, unified dashboard. The AI-powered online dashboard detects, diagnoses, and issues real-time alerts to inform property managers when and why a connection drops so they can proactively resolve network issues and avoid complaints from disgruntled guests. What’s more, monthly reports supported by 2 million+ data points map a granular view of internet performance, including frequency and outages. Speedy empowers property managers with a complete track record to negotiate contracts or resolve disputes with internet service providers. 

It’s remarkably easy to get Speedy

Speedy’s plug-and-play device is router-agnostic and takes only 2 minutes to set up. Anyone with a smartphone can connect the device to a Wi-Fi network and register its location. Wi-Fi ratings start displaying within the hour. The no-code widget easily integrates on any website, so property managers can add the world’s most credible Wi-Fi ratings to their arsenal of sales tools in no time at all.

Get Speedy

For more information, head to or Get in touch if you also want to leverage high-speed Wi-Fi to give your properties a competitive edge. We’d love to hear from you!

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