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Future Guests

We understand internet connectivity is a top priority when booking a place to stay. Here’s how we make your booking process and visit as seamless as possible.


Embedding our score directly on listing sites ensures you’re readily equipped with all of the info you need before booking a property.


We provide an easily digestible Wi-Fi rating and share every data point that drives our proprietary score, as well as our scoring thresholds.


Traditional speed-test apps measure a single point in time, whereas our continuous data feed provides a full history of speed and reliability.


Hosts pay us to publish their data, not to give them high scores; so you can rest assured that any score you see is transparent and accurate.

The Speedy Score

Property Management Companies have the ability to separately diagnose speed and reliability issues

High-speed Wi-Fi

Simultaneous HD streaming for 6+ persons
Download >50mbps
Upload >10mbps
Latency 30ms

Medium-speed Wi-Fi

Simultaneous HD streaming for 2-4 persons
Download 10-50mbps
Upload 2-10mbps
Latency 100ms

Basic Wi-Fi

Web browsing and email retrieval
Download <10mbps
Upload <2mbps
Latency 200ms


High reliability

Expect very minor outages where video calls may pause for a few seconds

Good reliability

Expect minor outages where Wi-Fi may be down for a few minutes at a time

Poor reliability

Expect major outages where Wi-Fi could be down for a few hours at a time

Live Example

What our users say

WiFi is my livelihood, without it, I cannot generate income.

Digital marketing expert

Why doesn’t this product exist already!

Seasoned nomadic traveller

When a hotel advertises Free Wi-Fi, it's like advertising a shower with lukewarm water.

Business traveller

We’re staying in Palm Springs for 5 days and the only thing your Dad cares about is Wi-Fi speed

USA-based family

Looking to work remote with reliable Wi-Fi?

Our team will keep you updated with our preferred properties.